23 weeks and counting.

I am now a little over 23 weeks along. Technically that is. Little girl is running about a week behind, smaller than she probably should be, but looks healthy none the less. However because of her size I had to go through extra testing late last week. We had previously done the first round of testing and nothing was wrong and the doctors do not think anything is necessarily wrong still but they wanted to go through the precautions and procedures to rule out everything entirely.

If I am going to be honest I will admit the decision to go through with the testing was not exactly easy. Andy and I had to take a moment alone to discuss the options. We knew the risks that came with the testing, we examined all of them, ultimately however we knew that the testing would at least give some answers (hopefully anyway) to why she is running small.

It still does not mean it was any easier to sit and have them done.  At that moment I did not know what was scarier, knowing or not knowing. We are currently awaiting the results; as we do my mind has gone a thousand directions in every direction imaginable.  It seems like we wait by the phone, glance at it and tell ourselves everything will be fine.  Ultimately I do believe it will be, she is just making sure we are aware of her.

Other than that everything is going well, and seems to be a pretty normal pregnancy. And yet this one is so very different from my first pregnancy. With my son, I showed all out, this go around it’s not so much out as it round, flatter perhaps, all in my sides. The morning sickness that plagued me so much in the first trimester has no stopped for the most part; though stay away if you have decided to smoke. It seems smoke and smell of leather send me running to the nearest bathroom.

I crave a lot of sweeter tasting foods, chocolate milk odd since I am  (A) allergic to dairy. B) Never cared for dairy even of the soy kind before) and pickles, which pretty much means I am your typical pregnant woman. And I crave seafood of the kind that I am not allowed to eat. Crab meat and lobster specifically, oh how they have all sounded incredibly amazing at any given moment.

Despite her small size, she is really active. And when I say active I mean each time we make it to an ultrasound, she makes them work for their money. And I am now beginning to really feel her throughout the day which is such an incredible experience it amazes me. Watch out when you put music on, because there seems to be no stopping her from dancing. She does tend to prefer my left side (little man preferred my right) but when she does become active on the right little man and Andy tend to get a kick out of telling me when she is moving.

We have been asked several times about names. To this we are still working on the names, though thankfully the baby room theme has at least been processed, the paint finally decided on. A plus on both ends, though both seem to be a work in progress which if all goes well will actually be done by the time Boo arrives in the beginning of January.  If I will be honest, since last week we haven’t given much more thought to either.

Though perhaps while we wait, these will give us a distraction to the waiting game.

And until then, we just keep moving forward. 16 and a half weeks to go..


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