Sibling love starts early.

Last night after dinner while watching my stomach move around Andy had little man put his hand on my stomach while Baby Boo was kicking. It was not the first time we have attempted to get him to feel her. Each time he has said he has felt her, but considering Andy has assisted, and never felt her at the same time we have been skeptical, still we had never discouraged him from thinking so. We believed that he would eventually feel her. So when Andy visually saw her kick he rushed to little man and threw his hand on my stomach.
“What is that?” He asked looking up at us.
“That sweetie, is your sister.”
I knew the minute he felt her, because little mans eyes grew about five times bigger than his head and his smile radiated across his little face. In fact when she kicked the spot his hand laid, the look on his face was absolutely amazing. It was a combination of shock, awe and pure sibling love. He may have said that he felt her before but up until last night I don’t know if actually got it.
“That’s my sister!” He exclaimed, which was followed by a round of giggles and telling her that he could not absolutely wait to meet her!!!
I know these moments between the two will not always last. I know I am in for years of battling, reasoning and trying to spend time between the two of them. But in that moment, while he just kept placing my hand around the right side, it didn’t matter. These are the moments that for years to come I will be able to share with the two of them and look back thinking this pregnancy despite everything was worth it.
I just wish I had captured the look on his face because it was unbelievably beautiful….

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