A Disney Vacation Club Story Part I.

A couple years ago I wrote a blog post regarding why we decided on becoming Disney Vacation Club members. Years later, we are still just as happy about our decision and since it has been awhile I figured I would revisit this three part blog series with you, sharing our reasoning, our process and our thoughts regarding being members…
Seven years ago Anderson and I made our way down to the happiest place in the world on vacation. It was the second time in two years we had done so. The first being on our honeymoon. Yes we had loved it so much we decided to go back down. This gained thousands of questions from family and friends who immediately questioned why were heading back down. After all we had just been. Of course now they merely shrug and bat an eye when we mention this. But back then, believe me this was a foreign thought to most everyone in our little circle.
But that second trip would change everything. You see mid way through our vacation we hopped on one of the many Disney buses that would take us back to the resort, we were tired, exhausted and looking forward to getting back for an evening of relaxation. The bus was unusually empty. The only other passenger’s was a family-whom just happened to be from just outside the DC area-they were discussing their next trip down. They were throwing around words like points, and villas and DVC left and right. Now I had heard of DVC, one of my best friends had a mother that was a member. I was lucky enough to stay with them for a couple of days back in the early days. And even if she hadn’t how could you have missed the signs around the park. After all they are practically around every corner. But as we listened to them, even Anderson’s ears began to perk.
Perhaps I should really blame that bus ride. Because we soon found ourselves talking to that very family, who talked us into at least checking out what DVC had to offer. Because we were young, and we didn’t have anything else to do. They sat there telling us of all these great memories with their kids, how they wished they would have done it a lot sooner than they did. And how we would be lucky if we did it sooner than later. They encouraged us to even take a listen to what they offered if nothing more Disney would provide fast passes for our times. Which is what I think sold the husband on the whole willing to listen to the speech.
As the bus pulled into our resort we thanked them and made our way-which was the Wilderness Lodge-and wouldn’t you know there in the lobby was the DVC stand. Anderson and I looked at one another. I mean what did we have to lose? Twenty minutes? And so we found ourselves signing up for a session the following day.
In all honesty we were there more for the fast passes. Were we interested in the DVC? Yes but neither of us really knew if we were exactly serious about it. Still we went, we listened and we came with an open ear and mind. While I don’t remember specifics about the discussion it has after all been five years. But I remember the guy really getting to know us. And I remember being asked three questions.
1. Are you willing to vacation here at least once every other year?
2. Are you willing to have a lifetime of memories?
3. Can you afford $$ a month.
We didn’t answer these question, only told to think about them and discuss them at home. Which was fabulous since it was a lot to process. I liked the fact it wasn’t pushy. I didn’t feel like I had to make the decision right then and there. After the discussion we we were told they would have a packet of info waiting for us back at the hotel. He shook my husbands hand and told us not to think to much about it until we got home In fact he didn’t want us to make a decision until then. As promised he handed us the fast passes and we were on our way. They even dropped us off at the location of our choice, Epcot. Where we slipped among our fellow vacationers, none of whom knew that we had just learned. ‘The Best Kept Secret.’
But like every good secret, would we be able to keep it? And would it be right to do so?

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