A Disney Vacation Club Story: Part II


If you ask me, I am pretty sure by the time we got off the plane the decision on whether or not to join had already been made. Anderson and I had discussed and rediscussed it until it was pretty much dead. We were going to join. Still we toyed around with it, as if we were walking on egg shells. Because even though we both knew we were going to join, at the same time I think there was the unknown, that kind of scared us.

For Anderson, it was more of the thought of vacationing down there just about every other year at least. For myself it was the financials. I was totally happy with the thought of hitting up Florida, and Disney every year. But it was a lot of money to sink into. I do not want to lead on anyone when I say that it is a cheap way of vacationing. Because while yes it will save you money, it will take a couple of years until you actually start seeing that savings taking effect. And if you go in thinking its a free program, and you will automatically start seeing that savings pay off. I think one would actually be quite disappointed.

 Then again, it would pretty much ensure that we would have a vacation to go on from here until whenever. And from where I sat, on the other end of things with a husband who reluctantly went on vacations. Well that deal seemed pretty good.

All we would need to do was crunch a little bit of some numbers.
Which thanks to my father in law we did within the week.

Now all we had to do was agree. Or rather to come out and say that yes officially.
Still we thought about it. We talked about it. To everyone else, we were crazy. After all, going to Disney every year is not everyone’s cup of tea. And to think that it was ours, as mentioned seemed absurd to most. There were several who questioned us. Wouldn’t we get old of it? Tired of it? And wasn’t it for kids? And since we were two people without kids, what was the point? We did our best to back each question with a response. I tried to remind people that it was no different than buying a beach house, I mean the beach never changes?(I pointed out Disney did from time to time) Do you they get bored of sitting there looking at the same beach every year? Does it ever get old to them? As for the statement of being for kids, well I tend to believe everyone is a kid at heart, and have had more enjoyment out of the parks since becoming an ‘adult’ than when I was kid. And while we didn’t have any kids at the time, one day we would and wouldn’t that be something to enjoy with the kids for years to come?

Some got our points. Some didn’t
And while a few tried to discourage us from joining. Anderson and I in the end decided to not listen to them. It made us happy. And simply when it came down to things, well that is all that matters in the long run…

And so we signed those papers, naming our home resort as Saratoga Springs, had them notarized and sent them off to the good folks at DVC and made it official. We were members.

Welcome Home.
Now the only question that remains is do I still feel the same way seven years later?

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