Its been 8  years since Anderson and I took that plunge into the Disney Vacation Club.  And how do we feel about it? Do we regret buying into it? The answer in short is absolutely not. In fact if you ask us, it has been one of the best decisions we could have ever made.
Why you ask?
Because it allows the freedom to go where we want. 
And it forces us to actually take a vacation. And before you ask, no its not just at Disney World. Three months after finding out we were expecting little man, we decided to spend some time down in Vero Beach in southern Florida. We were able to use our points to spend a couple of days at Disney’s hotel right on their private part of the beach. It was one of the most relaxing  beach getaways I have ever had. And since Anderson is not a beach person, the few days was long enough and perfect for him.  Not a beach fan? They have options for that as well. Though we have yet to take advantage of some of the other options and resorts Disney Vacation Club offers including the cruise line, adventures by Disney and traveling around the world, we one day hope to. The bottom line is there are so many other choices to choose from if we wish.
Because it allows us to take the family. 
After we had our son, my family decided to take a family vacation as the whole clan. My parents, my sisters and my 6 year old nephew along with my own. Anderson and I weren’t going to push the thought of Disney on any of them, we were perfectly happy if they wanted to go to the Outer Banks. But it was my dad who actually brought the idea of going up. He wanted to go while they could still enjoy it, while my nephew still believed in the magic. And so for two years we planned, and plotted. And Anderson and I calculated and saved points to share with the family. In the end, we were able to provide the accommodations for everyone at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, savannah view. With a two bedroom and a studio there was plenty of room for everyone. The look on the face of my nephew as he walked in for the first time, was priceless. While it didn’t cover all the financials, the fact that we could help cost with that allowed for a little flexibility elsewhere.
We repeated the trip during the summer of 2014, though at a different resort, once again relishing in the fact that the memories we were making were ones to last a lifetime.
Because it allows us to go when we want.
The reality is, we aren’t always able to take big chunks of time off. Anderson’s crazy work schedule during the season means we often don’t see one another come hockey season. So when there is a break in the schedule, we like to try and get away. Unlike some timeshares I have known we aren’t locked into a certain week. If we want to go for a couple of days to celebrate my son’s birthday in February, so be it. What about a spring break trip-awesome-in fact I recommend going down during the Flower and Garden festival personally. If we want to go down for a week and a half in July. That’s perfect as well. If we want to bank our points to go on a mega trip the year after, we can do that as well. There is no set rule that says we have to vacation this way or that way. We can go for three days or 14. It is all up to us, its how we want to vacation, when we want to vacation…I know it doesn’t work for everyone. But its perfect for us.
Because  we don’t feel rushed.
I know several families that go down and when they return they look at us and think we are nuts. ‘Its an exhausting week, I don’t think I could do it year after year.’ We thought the same thing after our honeymoon, we came back sour, tired and totally exhausted. But when we returned the year after, when we joined the DVC we found that all of a sudden we don’t have to see every show, we don’t have to ride every ride every year. In fact we don’t even have to go to the parks if we don’t want to. Some of my best memories have been doing things outside of the parks. We painted pottery with my mom, we have horseback ridden. We have made jewelry. In fact, the simple fact that we know we will be back in a year or less allows us to enjoy the simpler things that Disney has to offer. I know people look at me like I am a crazed person, but really going to Disney now and days is some of the most relaxing and lazy days there is..
Because if that wasn’t enough….
The look on his face is…

Our young Jedi, Logan.

Maybe we are crazy, and a little insane. I know that going to Disney World every year isn’t exactly what everyone decides to do. But every year, when I head down there and am greeted by ‘Welcome Home.’ I can’t help but smile and think yes, for me and the family.

It was right.

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