Hello Third Trimester

Staring down at 28 weeks.

Staring down at 28 weeks.

Well baby girl, we did it. We have made it to the 28-week milestone! Which means: Happy Third Trimester!

For a while there, this milestone seemed like it was going to be hard to come to, and often seemed like it would never get here. But look at us, look at you! Technically we have 12 weeks to go (which puts me right at 28 weeks), though after several talks with our high risk doctor, it looks like we won’t be making it all the way through to the full 40. While we still do not know exactly when you will be making your grand entrance, it looks like you have become a December baby!

We continue to be monitored twice a week (and will continue to be until the end) as you are still running small. We had to do some more testing, and see another specialist at Children’s Hospital who specialized in heart conditions. She found nothing wrong at all and no heart defects what so ever, so other than a little extra fluid around the heart, which will go away after you are born, you continue to look perfect. Still, even if they can’t find anything wrong, I think this annoys the doctor more than anything. The techs who check on me however are convinced she is just going to be small like her mommy because everything else like your heart rate, your breathing, etc. checks out normal.

Did I mention we got to see you hiccup and practice your breathing during our last full checkup? We sure did. It was beautiful, apparently you had been practicing for a while, a surprise to all who said you should have only just been starting to do so when we were monitoring.

See you are no dummy, but we already knew this.

I continue to marvel at how much has changed since my first go around with your brother. The scans they can do now, the way they can show parts of the hand that you have tucked away from time to time are so detailed and a whole lot clearer now than once before. You give a lot of technicians a smile at your hand positioning, they swear you will come out dancing, as you seem to always be practicing your vogue moves whenever we check. Our favorite has been when you had your hands under your cheeks. I wish they had given us a picture of that!

I also marvel at you little one, with each passing day I swear you are getting stronger. Your kicks and the fact I am pretty sure a tiny foot is stretching to my rib cage from time to time is proof of that. Every week they ask me about your movements, and every week I laugh and reply that if I didn’t know better I would swear I am having a tiny ninja for a baby. You are active at night, and early in the morning. You have also seemed to acquire a taste for music, and yes you have your favorites already.

Soon enough we will be dancing in the living room in our socks…

But not yet, and I am OK with that. We are hanging in there. We are doing just fine. We still have a while to go, and a couple more milestones to make.

But I know we got this.


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