You’ve Been Boo-ed

12029622_10153665031005883_2927068277424301175_oLast night as I listened to little man read to my ever growing stomach, a knock came at our door. Normally I do not answer it, especially when I am not expecting anything. But my son immediately jumped off the couch and ran to the door throwing it open, ready to greet whomever was on the other side. No one was there. What was however, was a Halloween bucket filled with goodies and candy along with a simple note.

We had been Boo-ed.

We had never been boo-ed before. Nor had I ever heard of it. But apparently it is a thing. Logan picked through its contents and I found myself thinking what a super cute idea as I read the instructions given us a day to pass on the happy haunting thoughts to a couple neighbors of our choosing.

If you are like me an have never heard of it before, the concept is quite cute, and relatively easy. Grab a Halloween inspired bucket, fill it with some simple treats, making sure to leave no one out. Ours had some glow sticks, pencils, adult and kid candy and a little decoration. Then go to Been Booed to print out a copy of the instructions. At night, drop it off at a couple of friends, neighbors doors and let the fun begin. Those houses that you drop it off at, now have a day to do the same.

While we may not exactly know who dropped off our bucket (and that is the point) it has been a big hit of the house. Judging by the kids discussing it at the stop I suspect my household is not the only to enjoy the surprise.

I do not know if this will continue for years to come, or if it is a one time thing but either way never before has been getting boo-ed been more enjoyable!


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