7 ounces!


While we get monitored twice a week, we only get measured for baby girl’s growth every other week, yesterday being the latest growth measurement. I always find I get nervous during these appointments, as a parent to be, whether its your first or your fourth, you want the best for your little one. Lately, it seems like some of the appointments have only left us with a lot of fear and anxiety.

Still I say a little prayer. Please grow baby girl, please. I do not know how much to expect anymore, but I say anything is better than nothing. I do however know how much she is supposed to weigh by 29 weeks. If you read and listen to the experts, they will say somewhere around 2 and a half pounds. But I must remember, she is not your average baby at the moment and I do not know what to expect other than the hope that she grew somewhat. The tech does not say much this go around, she is usually very chatty but not today, then again we are the last patients of the day and they were running behind. I give her the benefit of the doubt and try not to read too far in to it deciding she just wants to get out of there. That being said, I do not know if I should worry or not, and so I decide to ask her.

“How much does she weigh?”

“I Ib and 15 ounces.”

Which means she had gained 7 ounces! One ounce shy of 2 Ibs! When was the last time gaining 7 ounces meant so much?  And who knew it could be so exciting?  It has been the biggest growth spurt she has had. Far surpassing the 3 ounces she had gained between visits a month ago and even the 6 ounces the last time. We aren’t the only ones that were excited, even the high-risk doctor beamed as she came in. Way to go, kiddo! Yes, she still has far to go, and she will probably remain small throughout the process, but a 7-ounce gain is incredible for herThis may not be your average baby’s normal, but this is her normal.

And we are thrilled with it.

Even more exciting, the fluid around the heart seems to have calmed down to the point she said she isn’t even concerned about it. I cannot remember the last appointment were we had such wonderful news. In fact if there is anything that was a little bit of a disappointment it would be the fact that she had decided to turn sometime in the past week and is now once again breech. But even that seems of little concern as there is plenty of time to turn herself around.

We may still have a long way to go, but I am beginning to believe everything really will be okay.


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