This is Halloween

Here is hoping you had a wonderful and safe Halloween! IMG_4708

Ours was rather busy as the day saw us finally starting to get the baby room in order. Probably a good thing seeing we are just under 7 weeks to go before little one is scheduleed to make her appearance.

My mother in law was gracious enough to help out, spending most of the day with him as they painted, trimmed and chatted away. I know now that his parents live farther away, the time spent with them oneon one is precious and welcomed. And we were shocked when the room got finished all in one day. So far we are thrilled with the outcome

As you can see we are opting for a light purple, a far cry from the blues, greens and neutrals that are dominant throughout the house,  honestly I think he was happy to have a paint palette that was not our typical norm.

Logan had been anxious all week for this day. If I wouldn’t know better I would think it was Christmas morning as he has been counting down on the calendar since the beginning of October.  His costume, had been patiently hanging on the closet door, itching for him to get a hold of. This year he choose to be a StormTrooper, which really is no surprise. The kid eats, sleeps and breaths Star Wars.  He had been going pretty strong all day and to no surprise by time it cane to actually trick or treating he was already winding down.  He managed to make it around our neighborhood and a good portion of my own parents neighborhood before deciding he had, had enough and called it a night.

IMG_4704The only causality of the evening was this BB-8 pumpkin. As we came home from trick or treating, we discovered that teenagers had hit our house, and decapitated him! A bummer for Andy who had worked really hard on it the past two days, but   he survived the good portion of trick-or-treaters and was around long enough for Logan to enjoy so at least we had that going for us. Still it is a shame to see that kids decide to do this, because really it isn’t necessary to do so.

Still, I know teens are going to be teens and when no one is around, well it leaves the door open for these things I suppose I should expect these things. Next year we just be ready for them!

And now begins the adults favorite time of year, the day after Halloween when we all sneak in to the kids candy bags to get our fixes. Admit it, you have done it at least once this morning. I am fortunate to say Logan immediately dove in and found the one 3 Musketeers to share with me claiming he wanted the baby to enjoy it and get her taste of candy..

She is a lucky little gal already.


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