And we have a date!

31 weeks

31 weeks

And we have a date! Well sort of.

We knew very well the likelihood that I will not make it to the full 40 weeks was high, so perhaps it came to no surprise when the doc told us we were going to be hard stopped at 37. Even if she had gained a little bit more weight and was growing to now just about 2 and a half pounds, they are still not changing the plans of us being induced early.

That being said, we were given a four day window of when we wanted to go in. While it didn’t really matter to us, we decided to select the  evening of December 16th to start the induction, though we were warned the full process probably won’t take place until the morning of the 17th.

There was truly no reason this date stuck out in our mind other than the fact it would be a week away from the holidays, giving us a greater possibility of at least being home to celebrate. And okay, so yes, if all goes well, we are looking at the possibility that little one will be coming on my father’s birthday. Of course this also means if it is the 18th, she will born on the Star Wars release day. Somehow this seems quite fitting for the family. Even if it was unplanned to work out that way. I have apologized to both Anderson and Logan a thousand times as this pretty much guarantees they will in fact not be seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening day, or opening weekend even. Believe me, I know they have been looking forward to this movie for the past year. Little girl and I just spoiled their father-son bonding time.

I suppose they will have to get used to it.

Walking out of the doctors, knowing I had six weeks left  was a bit scary. Yes, I knew it was coming, it is not like I didn’t. But saying I am having a baby on one of these two or three days is a whole lot different in my mind that saying I am due on ___for some reason. Perhaps it is the knowing vs. the unknown.

Now there truly is a countdown, which is safe to say…

Just under 6 weeks!


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