4 Things I am tired of hearing.

Just eat more: Look I get it. I didn’t understand the concept of exactly why my little one wasn’t growing myself. But suggesting I eat more isn’t going to help her grow. We have tried that, we have tested, monitored and seen specialist. None of them know exactly why she isn’t growing at the rate they would like her to. Thankfully she is growing, and how much I eat, or don’t eat has nothing to do with it.

Why don’t they just let you go longer? It is amazing the number of people who have asked this. Everyone from myself to coworkers who know what is going on ask. Some on a daily basis. But the truth is, keeping her in there longer may not be what she needs. I remember asking this to the doctor one afternoon who informed me that it is probably safer for both little girl and myself to have her early. After all, as she stated some babies do better on the outside than on the inside. They thrive more. And seeing that the specialist we saw at Children’s Hospital agreed, I will take their word for it. Maybe it isn’t exactly what we planned, and perhaps it is a little sooner than what we would like but ultimately if it is what is best for all of us, then that is what we are going to do. As it is, they were just concerned with getting me to 28 weeks there for awhile. So 37 weeks is a lot longer than they had once thought.

Do you really need to go to 2 appointments a week? (This is usually followed by is that common??) Yes, I do. I admit I have a love/hate relationship with getting monitored twice a week. One hand I love seeing and hearing little one that often. There is something comforting in knowing she is there, happy in her own little world at the moment. Yet at the same time we still hold our breath when they measure her. Has she grown? Is she doing alright? And even if I am just sitting there, with both the heart and contraction monitors hooked up for 20 to 40 minutes and a measurement appointment later in the week, it has a tendency to be emotionally draining, it plays on every emotion I have. At times I want to just sleep through it, and at times I want to jump up and cheer at the small victories.  No it may not be common, but I doubt it all that uncommon as well. I know there are other couples who have gone through the same thing.

Why don’t you just have a C-section? I had a  lot of people assume I would be having one, several thought because I am over 30, which apparently automatically means I am having one. But here is the thing, unless I have to have it for medical reasons., I don’t plan on having one. Nor do I think as some believe, it is the easy way out. But I have had one two many other medical surgeries to really want one. Obviously if it came down to it, if we absolutely needed to get one done then yes, but otherwise being induced is not a c-section.


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