On Paris

422134_10150748297595883_158768076_nThree and a half years ago I had the opportunity to take a trip of a lifetime to Europe. We spent a weekend in Paris, a city I will say I wasn’t sure about but my husband convinced me to visit. It turned out to be one of the best weekends and he was absolutely right, I fell in love with it. I instantly understood why people called it the city of love, of romance. It was truly magical. I watched as the city came together to support a cause, I believe it was for breast cancer. How everyone stopped and cheered and came together. I saw how wars, and disagreements in the past had taken the toll on the city, and yet not stopped the people of the city from surviving, rebuilding and moving on. They may have been changed, but they did not let it stop them.

They were a city united.

Seeing the city go through the pain once again that it has in recent days  breaks my heart. Yet they are not letting the attacks stop them in their determination and dedication and their love. They are not running from it. And it  amazes me and makes me truly  honored that I got to see that strength, courage and the togetherness of the city first hand years ago.

I did not know any of the victims, and I do not know any of their stories personally. But I know those that were lost will not be forgotten. I know they will live on in all of hearts. I wish there was more I could say that would bring them back, but I know no words can. I just hope that they have touched us all and brought so many people together.

I know they will rise above and make it through, and become stronger and more passionate. Because they have done it before. And they will do it again.



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