The Leave Question

Yesterday I was stopped by a coworker who looked at my stomach and started the usual questions that I have gotten so accustomed to. When am I due? Is it a boy or girl? Have we decided on a name? These are the typical questions that usually turn in to 5 minute conversation about everything from how I am feeling to if I am ready.

Somewhere along the line the conversation turns to maternity leave, how much time am I taking off and when (or if) do I plan on returning? It is a question I have been dreading and thinking about since we first found out I was expecting in May. With my first child, I took a total of 10 weeks off which didn’t seem quite long enough, then again it never does. I promised myself if I was ever to be blessed with a second that I would take the full 12 I was allowed. Because I learned that the time with my newborn was precious. It is time I will never get back.

“12 weeks hopefully.” I state and smile.

“Well that is good. That means by the time you come back you will be climbing the walls and itching to return. You will be ready.”

To which I do not know how to respond. Because itching to return isn’t the first thought that comes to mind at the moment. Not when I am  just trying to get through the next month before this little lady is born,  that we have everything together, our ducks in a row and making sure she is doing well. Not to mention returning to work was hard the first time, I doubt it will be any easier this time around. As for climbing the walls? This remains to be seen. I loved having the time with my son just the two of us. Yes adult interaction is great, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about being needed that makes me feel welcomed. Wanted. And the introvert in me doesn’t need to be surrounded by a thousand people all the time.

“I don’t know about that.”

“Oh believe me, you will..every mother is ready by then.” She nods her head as if that is a definite and I am not to argue with her.

“Well the one thing for certain, it will fly by.”

This is the only thing we both agreed on.


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