A smashing way to start December.

I have heard so many expecting moms go on about how smooth their pregnancies have been. How they have glowed and enjoyed every single minute of it, even when the last final weeks really started kicking their butts. Even myself with my first was pretty routine. He came on time, I had very little morning sickness. Slept through the night. It was a picture perfect pregnancy. The only small hiccup was a long labor.

IMG_4805This pregnancy however? I am pretty sure I have been through everything you can think of. And have thrown everything I could at this little girl.From extra tests to weekly monitoring sessions and a thousand ultrasounds. It has been a long road that is for sure.

So I didn’t think we could go throw anything else, after all we are fast approaching the end of the pregnancy with two weeks exactly until I am checking in to the hospital, But of course the way this pregnancy has gone perhaps I should have expected the unexpected. Like a minor car accident yesterday morning on our way to work.  Thankfully it was only minor, as we were re-ended  on the Roosevelt Bridge coming in to DC.

We were all shaken up, a little confused and nervous when it first happened, but otherwise we seemed alright. After the shock my first thought was for little lady, instinctively I put my hands on my stomach only relaxing after I felt her  move around, amazingly so. Yes it seemed as though the jolt woke her up quite a bit.  I checked myself out then, I appeared to be OK. Still, even if we appeared alright something in the back of my head told me to call the doctors.  Now I am not one to rush over and just hang out at the doctors just because, but I have someone else to think about. Believe me spending 6 hours in the L&D department of the hospital, getting monitored and evaluated was not exactly how I expected to spend my Wednesday by any means.

But it was better to be save than sorry.

We checked in to the triage just around 9:45 AM, and soon found ourselves going over my entire medical history while they did the vitals, and began the process of monitoring. Within minutes it was clear that little lady was fine. She was given the nurses a run for their money (which seems to be a common theme with her) as she would not sit still long enough for them to actually put the heart monitors in one place. A good sign the RN said. However even i things looked alright, we still had to sit there for several hours while blood work came through and to make sure she would be alright for several hours during a NST (Non-Stress Test)

And after several hours, we were given the reaffirmation that she did indeed looked absolutely fine and so did I. We were able to leave on our own, and nothing more needed to be done other than being discharged.

As much as I didn’t exactly have heading to the hospital on my agenda for the day, I will say the one nice thing is we used it as a good practice run. Two weeks from yesterday we will be making our way to the very hospital to do the real thing. While we had a couple of options when it came to local hospitals, we know we made a great decision in choosing the one we choose. We were impressed and happy with the nurses who kept coming in and checking on me, and the doctor who saw us was extremely helpful and informative. If nothing more, it put my mind at ease knowing  I will be in good hands.

My only hope is that these next two weeks are uneventful and normal.


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