Growth Spurts

12291924_10153743199850883_1159635333432228247_oWe had what will be our final growth scan yesterday at our 35 week appointment.  And we have hit a major growth spurt! A whole pound in two weeks. It is the most she has grown since we began monitoring back at 23 weeks-which seems like ages ago-. That is right we are now sitting at two ounces shy of 4 Lbs. It was considered a huge win for her. Even the doctor gave her a round of applause and said she couldn’t believe it. This was by far more than what any of us expected as her normal has been about 8 ounces every two weeks.

With a week and a half to go before we check in to the hospital, this little girl just may make it to almost 5 Lbs! Fingers crossed.

It is also looking like we just may make it to 37 weeks, something that seemed quite impossible back at that 23 weeks appointment when we were first told we would have to be monitored. There of course are still concerns, the fluid around her heart which is minimal but still there, the fact that she is still small despite her growth this past week. And the placenta while holding its own is beginning to show signs that enough is enough. Minimal the doctor said, and not exactly new news, as it was to be expected. In fact they were thinking it would have happened by this point.

None of these things seem to be alarming enough to change of plans, but still remain enough to be monitored for the next week and require us to still be induced come Dec. 16th. But they of course will be on my mind and my thoughts until I know she is safe and in my arms. Then again I suppose there will always be concerns when you are expecting. Even the healthiest of pregnancies tend to have fears and concerns, though not as visible.

After all, as a mother; as a parent that is normal.




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