Welcoming Harper Avery

It has been a very emotional week. And yet a wonderful week.

Being that I was going to be induced this time around, I had really no idea what to expect in the sense of how long it would take, what to expect and how well it would go. After all, I had heard nothing but horror stories regarding induction that it frightened me in a lot of ways. I will be honest and say, I had fully prepared myself mentally for a C-section. Though I prayed I wouldn’t have to.


The last pic before checking in.

Wednesday December 16th found me checking in to the hospital at just before 9. Instead of wobbling in, doubled over in pain as many women around me were I felt like I was checking in to a hotel rather than getting ready to have a baby. They settled me in to the labor and delivery room where I would call home for the next several hours (or days??) While I got situated the nurse ran down my history (which is exceptionally long) strapped me in to the fetal monitoring/contraction monitor and before I knew it the doc was coming in to go over the schedule.

Now I will say this, I have had a lot of medical issues. From my slight disability, to a complicated birth of my son to my colon issues. None of which I ever really dwell about, that is until the doctor comes in and goes over everything and then informs you that you are pretty much HIGH RISK for both sets of delivery, and she will do her best but fingers crossed everything goes well because it is not going to be easy. She then smiles as I start crying and says that it will be OK. After which she sets up and gives me the medicine to start softening my cervix, tells me to try and get some sleep and wishes me luck as she will probably not be the doctor in the morning.

Thursday December 17th Induction day, I did not sleep very well at all, I was to nervous, anxious, excited and yes scared to. Not to mention, one does not realize how loud a hospital can be until you are in a labor and delivery section. The new staff came in. What a difference! The doctor was so very different, upbeat positive. Even the nurse was incredible! .We all knew the baby was small, she knew it. And she knew my past but she said her goal was to have me deliver before she left out of there at 8, in the hours that followed I would really grow to like the day staff that was assigned to me, they really kept me going and I hoped they would be the ones to be there when the little lady arrived. We started the Pitocin around 10 hoping it would work its magic. By 2:30 I was getting an epidural as they increased my dosage to the point I decided I had had enough. And somewhere around the same time, the doc came to check in on me and when I hadn’t dilated enough for their liking decided to put in a foley bulb to help. To answer-yes it was uncomfortable, but the epidural helped a lot and I knew it would be worth it. Still it took several hours of which Anderson my mom, my in-laws and I did a lot of sitting around, coloring and talking.


Harper Avery!

Every so often the nurse (Dana) would check me out when I hadn’t progressed as much as they wanted, she would increase the Pitocin. In hopes to speed things up, the doctor broke my water around 6 and said that should help. By 7:30 frustration hit I was still not making as much progress as they thought I would have, so they increased it once again. Added to that I knew that the nurse and the doctor that I really liked were getting ready to call it a night, in fact they came around the introduce the new nurse. As she was going over my chart I was finally beginning to feel like crap, still the nurse said it would probably be awhile. So I focused on Jeopardy, sent my in-laws off and tried to get comfy. And just as the nurses left, I knew it was time. And I knew it wouldn’t be long!

At 7:55 PM, my nurses were running in (Dana decided to stick around just so she could help out!) along with the doctor! I was in active labor for 9 minutes and 3 and a half pushes before our princess arrived at 8:04PM, weighing in at 4 Ibs. 5 oz. and 17 1/2 inches long.

Harper Avery was finally here!

Believe it or not it was quite the easy labor really. And unlike the last, I had no issues what so ever. She was tiny though, and as warned would spend the first five days in the NICU.

Saturday December 19 Being discharged while leaving my daughter behind was exceptionally hard. And yet at the same time, I missed my son and I knew she was in good hands. That being said, I have the utmost respect for the nurses that take care of our babies in the NICU! They are incredible, caring and so amazing. And over the five days, I would come to find out just how much they do. To all the Nurses, NICU nurses I thank you….


Hanging out

When she was first put in there, she was on CPAT for 24 hours to get her breathing under controlled but was soon off of it. By Sunday she was off of it, and a lot of the IVs, our hope was we would get her home in time for the holidays, but knew there was the possibility that we wouldn’t as she needed to maintain her temp. Anderson and I were up at the hospital every day in one way or another getting daily updates. She looked good, surprisingly so considering everything we went through during the pregnancy and she amazed the nurses and doctors at how healthy she was for being born at 37 weeks as she was passing every test.

It wouldn’t be long.

Tuesday December 22 We had hoped today would be the day, so we made our way down to the hospital just in time for rounds were we would find out. But things got a little sidetracked as 23 week twins were suddenly born and rushed in, while they gave Harper the all clear to be discharged, they would need to do paperwork. And since they were taking care of an emergency situation we would have to wait. No matter, we knew we would be taking her home. We had all day. She was worth it.

12374776_10153779523105883_7304543963379440414_oThe hospital gave us  vouchers for free lunch, in part for our trouble and for us having to wait. It wasn’t necessary but it was super sweet and very nice. And since we had no clue on how long exactly it would be, we took advantage of it. We were anxious to get her home, to have Logan who had yet to meet her finally be able to. I think that was one of the hardest things to do, as they do not let anyone under the age of 18 in the NICU. To try and explain that he was a big brother, yet he hadn’t seen her was difficult. We were just looking forward to having them both home.

Finally by 3 they had the discharge ready to go. So with paperwork in hand, videos watched and Harper ready to go, we walked out.

She was coming home.





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