Why we chose the name we did.

The moment we announced our baby girls full name questions began. Half of those asked if we were Grey’s Anatomy fans, this was fueled even more considering we had her at 8:04 PM on a Thursday night, which just happens to be when the show is on. The other assumed we were huge Washington Nationals fans and named her after Bryce Harper. And there were a couple that were simply curious of the name.

So how did we choose Harper Avery? And are we huge fans of either?

The answer is no.  I admit I loved Grey’s Anatomy. I watched it for several seasons, glued to my TV on Thursday nights. But after several colon surgeries four years ago I couldn’t watch it any longer. I found it hard to as flashbacks would hit. That added to my schoolwork as I was finishing up my Bachelors Degree, left me little time to watch it. So we stopped watching it, only catching it every now and then. I had no idea what the Harper Avery significance meant until I looked it up. Yes it is kind of funny, but nope she is not named after it. Sorry to disappoint.

As for the Nats? Yes I am a fan of baseball, and while the Nats are my hometown team, I tend to favor another team up North as my favorite. Though I will say, I threw  out the name at the baseball game with Anderson, I figured why not.

So then how did we get the name?

For starters we wanted a name to go with Logan. Not in the sense that it had to rhyme. But in the sense that for me, it needed to be just as strong. We needed to love it just as much.

And so we got Harper.  Mainly for two reasons:

The first being that my favorite classic book is To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee. The name has always been on my radar, but knowing Anderson isn’t a huge fan of popular trendy name I hadn’t really brought it up. The moment I did, he stopped and said that is it. As long as we find a middle name that goes with it. And then when I brought it up to Logan, he too looked and said yes. An amazing answer considering every other name we had considered Logan nixed right away.

The second connects it to Disney World. We had just come back from Disney World when we found out we were having a girl. If you have ever been to Walt Disney World, (and you know my love for all things Disney,) then you would know of Tom Sawyer’s Island, the giant playground for kids in Frontierland. In the midst of the Island, there is a mill, named Harper’s Mill.  And bingo! With my first born having a name connected to a place we love up North, I wanted a Disney connection but one that wasn’t to obvious and Anderson didn’t want one that was too Princessey.

And so we got Harper. It just seemed to be the perfect name for all of us.

As for Avery, I had kept it on the radar after watching Nashville one night as a possibly middle name.  When we passed a road named Avery  on our way up to my in laws cabin in the woods I threw it out to Andy, who looked and said, that is it. That is the name.

So no, it was not after a TV show, and it wasn’t after a famous baseball player.  Rather it has a literary and Disney World reference.

And that is the rest of the story.


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