The two kid juggle.

Thus begins another week. Somehow we managed to make it through the first week back for Andy, and mine with just little lady and I. Though I confess my mom came over a couple times last week to sit with us. Even still with the visit I believe we are settling in quite nicely. While Andy and Logan are off to school and work, my days are spent enjoying time with Harper, attempting to clean during nap times-which depending on the day is easier said than done- and watching hours of endless junk TV. Yes I had forgotten how much crap is on in the middle of the day. But it is mindless and with a newborn I don’t need something that will make my brain hurt.

My evenings seem to be a little more hectic than they once were. We may have a newborn but we also have a nearly 7 year old first grader with homework that needs to get done.  Who still loves to curl up with us and  deserves just as much  of our time and our attention. I considered it a huge success when we managed to set up and get the invitations out for his birthday party in a few weeks.

I will admit trying to juggle between both of them and making sure I get to everything is some what of a work in progress still. We have however started a new tradition. Once a weekend after we put Harper to bed, Logan pulls out a board game that he wants to play with Andy and I. It may not be much, but it his time with us. A time when all of our focus is back on him and him alone.

I have also been trying hard to include him in on things, letting him know that we did a lot of the same things for him when he was a newborn. It is hard considering back when I was expecting with him and the first little while of his life Pinterest, Etsy and even Twitter were not what they are today. Yes I still did the hand prints, the footprints and have thousands of pictures but now with social media in the mix comes a thousand more creative ideas to do.  There is absolutely a certain amount of guilt when it comes to making things and keepsakes for her. Afraid that Logan will think I am going overboard for her and did nothing for him.

Though I am pretty sure if you asked him he would tell me everything is fine. Because that is the kind of kid he is.


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