On my Own.

Up until yesterday I had not had been on my own for a full day with both kids  When Logan is in school, my days have been filled with girl time.  And on the weekends, Andy is around to help out. I knew it was going to happen, and I would be on my own with both of them eventually. I will admit, the thought actually kind of scared me. Will I be OK? Would I forget to feed Logan while I was changing Harper’s diaper. Would the house fall apart.

Turns out. I did rather well. I got to both breakfast and lunch-grilled cheese at that!-two loads of laundry and a round of dishes and hey even managed to fold them! A huge accomplishment.

There was no struggle to entertain Logan while taking care of Harper. I built (or at least started to) a Darth Vader Lego set, though it was to complicated to finish-apparently I am not as Lego savvy as I thought.I will admit, Logan is an easy going kid, and is old enough to not only help out but do things on his own-and at times even prefers it-and while Harper napped we even got in a round of go fish or two. By the time Andy was on his way home, I had the house pretty much in order, both kids happy and was feeling quite accomplished.

Sure we stayed in our pajamas for the entire day, but something I suppose had to give.




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