Checkups and milestones.

13072812_10154080260310883_1626076372513260510_oWe were finally able to take little miss (and her big brother) to the doctors for their checkups. She would have her 4 month checkup, while little man would have  his 7 year checkup.

I will be honest and say I don’t know what to expect when it comes to these appointments. We know she is running small still, but for a preemie we expected that. That being said, we have seen her grow, we know she is. Still would it be enough? Would they be happy? Time I suppose would tell.

We first had to checkup on little mans progress. As expected he is doing well, chatting with the doctor about his allergies, his karate practice and how he is learning to ride a bike (with a helmet!). He hoped he wouldn’t need shots, and was thrilled when she said he wouldn’t for a couple years. Then it was time for his measurements and to see how much he had grown. Turns out, quite a lot.

He is 48 and a half inches tall, and weighing in at 50 Ibs. She told us he is right on track, 42% on the weight an a little over average (52%) on the height.She said, she expects he will be hitting a growth spurt in the near future. Something tells me I should be prepared to go through a lot of pants in the next couple of months. Thankfully, with summer coming up he can live in shorts.

As he was finishing up, we were anxious to hear about little lady.  We listened as she went over things, during which she got to see little miss in action as she attempted to roll, she made it to her side. She smiled and cooed right on time. Yes everything is looking good. And now for her stats…

She is 22 inches long and 8 Ibs, 9 oz..Just about doubling her birth weight! And amazing for her standards. We were told once again that she is on her on track, her own path and that is alright by them as long as she is growing. She will eventually catch up, it just may not be as fast as the other 4 month old babies. But progress is good.

And while big brother didn’t have to worry about shots, it was another story with little lady. Is there anything worse than sitting and watching while your little one gets shot after shot? I think not.  I hated that she had to go through it, but at the same time know it was necessary.

Next up, an ultrasound to check out the birth mark on her foot before her six month checkup. But otherwise, my little lady, and my little man are doing well and are perfect in their own way.



I’m Trying.

I thought this would get easier. This coming back to work. I knew it was going to be an adjustment. I accepted the fact I would eventually have to come back to reality. But a little over a month since my return I still find myself struggling with leaving my daughter behind to go to work.

This is due in part of a lot of back and forth between my company. During maternity leave my company merged with another. Because of this, and while I was on leave somehow a lot of my paperwork has been misplaced, sent to the wrong place or forgotten. In the past month I have gone from not being paid, to somehow being told I was terminated on the very day I had my daughter. I suppose someone lost the paperwork, pushed the wrong button etc while moving me from my old company name to the new. It has bee a nightmare  trying to figure out what has been going on. This weeks latest is due to their error, my insurance has dropped us. Despite paying for it during leave, and now that I am back. Out of my paychecks.

I am told to be patient while they work this out. Things will get taken care of. It will get sorted out. Which is all fine and dandy. But with two kids, one being just about 4 months old and born a preemie, I sort of need things.

Especially when they have doctors appointments on Monday.

Yep. Awesome.

Look I realize things happen. We are all humans, and are not without fault. But these mistakes are becoming my ordeal to deal with on my end as every week seems to be something new. And they definitely do not help my situation what so ever.

But I am trying.