To watch or not to watch…

Tonight brings Game 6 to us from Pittsburgh, and I have a big decision to make.

To watch or not to watch.

Yes I know, what kind of fan am I if I don’t right? After all its the playoffs, and I know I should watch it. I know I should support the team and all. And yes I do. I love watching them, I love the hits the shots. The back and forth between these two teams. Its fun, its exciting and like it was on Saturday, a win is exhilarating. Its the the thought that if we win tonight we can bring it back home for game 7 on Thursday. It would be a comeback for years to come. So why shouldn’t I watch?

Yet, it is also emotional. It is hide my face under my hoodie with each goal that we get, it’s nail biting. It’s trying to stay cool and ignore each outburst that my husband does. If it is hard to watch as a fan, it is even harder when your husband is part of the organization. This is his job, his team. What they do depends on what he does and how he feels. While he may not agree with this, he does  not realize how emotional he gets, yes I am speaking of the hockey PMS. During playoffs it can be like riding a damn roller coaster. Believe me I fear our furniture will not survive another round if it is going to be like this.

And its knowing that if it all ends tonight, that I will have to listen to days of doubt, question and blame. I will have to come in to the office to coworkers who will no doubt want to discuss it with me-because somehow I get to be held responsible for their wins and losses- when I would rather be discussing anything other than hockey at that moment. Believe me I do not look forward, nor want to have these discussions.

And I will not even begin to go on about the oh so wonderful commentary from certain commentators. Because yea, lets just not get me started on that one. Since I have some strong words on the topic.

Perhaps the safer option for me in regards to it is to let my husband watch it from downstairs and do all the yelling he wants while I barricade myself up, upstairs while listening to the game on mute.


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