To Andy on our ten year anniversary.

anniversaryTo my dearest Andy-

Ten years…Do you remember when that seemed so long from that night we said I Do? How it surely would never get here. How we would never be that old. And yet somehow here we are. Staring at our ten year anniversary. They weren’t kidding when they said it would be here before we knew it.

It is.

It has been a wild ten years hasn’t it? We have so many changes, have gone through so many changes since that hot evening on Memorial Day weekend ten years ago. I don’t think we realized where our paths would take us back then. That we would have an amazing son who is probably the Worlds best kid. Admit it, he is. While he may look and have my personality do not be fooled, he is your son as well. He can be stubborn and a goof ball. And he loves his mommy just as much as his dad does (ok maybe a little more but this is up for debate) Take it up with him. And the daughter we welcomed last year? I can not wait to see how much joy she will bring in to our lives. I can not wait to see just who she will become.

We have had some hard years there is no doubt about that. Number 7  in particular was exceptionally hard. I don’t think many realize just how close we were to calling it quits. Really really close. Marriage at times is often not what we think it is. It’s not easy. I think we had to learn the hard way that it takes time. It is adjustments and constant reminders to actually put down the phones, the computers, to turn off the televisions and have conversations. To check in. To remind each other that we aren’t just mommy and daddy. That we are husband and wife. Andy and Aleisha. To remind each other that I love you isn’t just some words to mutter at the end of the night. That they actually mean something.

That you mean something to one another.

I learned a lot that year. About myself, about you. About us. I learned how much we loved each other. How much we still love each other. Even if we hated one another for a moment. How I wouldn’t want to go on this ride with any one else. How there are destined to be good years, and bad years. That it is the bad years that make us appreciate the good ones that much more. And how we often learn more about ourselves and our relationships during the bad ones.

We made a lot of changes during that time. We did a lot more talking than I believe we ever had. And for that, I am thankful for the struggles because it taught me this; that I love you more than anything. I did not think it would be possible but somehow that year made us stronger, more solid.

Which brings us to our 10th year. Amazing to think about.

I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for you. How much I love you. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to husband chores. I can not think of any other guy that automatically does things without asking. I can not begin to tell you how much each time you do something as simple as offer to cut a piece of meat, or help put on a bracelet makes me fall in love with you a little more. Likewise words can not express how much I adore watching you with the kids. The joy they bring to your face is indescribable. The joy you bring to their faces is indescribable. Truly it takes my breath way at times.

Please know this, you are one of the best guys I have ever known. You are one of the best fathers I know. Do not ever doubt this, do not doubt yourself. You are loved. Exceptionally so.

I love you.

No, we do not know what the future holds. I am not so naive to think every year will be spectacular. There will be other challenges to face. Other years that won’t go as according to plans. We will question, we will doubt and we will be tested. But I do know this, no matter what we will face it. We will embrace it.


And  what about love? Yes, we will love.

Yours truly,

Your wife.



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