Tech Free weekend

This past weekend we went completely tech free. Now I admit it was not done on purpose what so ever. Andy and my dad were out cleaning the backyard, something happened to our Verizon Fios, knocking it out entirely. Which meant that from mid morning on Saturday until early afternoon on Sunday we had no TV, phone or internet.

Now we could complain about this, I could say how horrible it was because I was in the middle of watching the Olympics and they were in the middle of a match. Also because I am running a Thirty-One online party and without the internet, it wouldn’t be easy.  My son could complain that he didn’t get to finish that Disney Infinity game he was in the middle of. And Andy could complain that he couldn’t be glued to his phone.

And you know what. We learned something.

We learned that sometimes, you don’t need any of it to still have a good time. That putting down that phone meant you could actually have a conversation face to face without having to find out what Johnny down the street was having for dinner.

We learned that music from the 90s is still pretty awesome, despite the fact you may have to explain why your 7 year old is singing “My andaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun.” And  yes CDs still work.

We learned that stores still exist. And you know, people still go to them! And little man found out that back to school shopping isn’t all that bad when it means shopping for you.

And we found out, telemarketers will definitely leave you alone when they can’t reach you!

But most of all, we learned that we don;t need any of it to make us happy. In fact we may do this more often.


An 8 month update


Holly Hicks Photography.

Holly Hicks Photography.

It has been way to long since I have written. I apologize. Life has gotten in the way. But here I am.

So lets get on with it.

Today, baby girl turns 8 months old. I  marvel to think how this happened. It seems like yesterday Anderson and I were bundling her up to finally take her home from the NICU after her week long stay. Yet here we are.

She continue to be on the smaller side, though she is getting there. At the beginning of July, we were able to finally convince the doctor that she may have a lactose issue, and were giving the go ahead to switch her out to a lactose (and everything else) free formula along with the start of baby food. She grew a whole pound in four weeks, jumping from 9 Ibs 10 oz, to just under 11 Ibs. Considering in her previous every two month appointments she had only gained a pound each time, the pound gained in 4 weeks was great. We now have another weight checkup this  month, four weeks after the first checkup, I am assuming this may be the norm from now on. Though we are also just convinced that little lady will be a little peanut. A beautiful little peanut.

She survived her first trip to Walt Disney World this past week where she pretty much melted everyone’s heart. She had no clue where she was obviously, but every now and then I got to see the little spark of princess love. I know we are in for many more years of it.  The castle she will call her second home may not be recognizable to her at the moment, but give it time.

While she may be tiny, she is gaining personality big time. I adore her smiles and giggles, which she usually reserves for daddy and big brother. Her left thumb is constantly in her mouth, which means I am pretty sure I have a thumb sucker on my hands, and the beginnings of teething. No visible ones have made them selves known as of yet. But it is bound to happen.

She has yet to crawl, but she is a wiggler. And even though she has yet to master sitting up on her own, I know she wants to. The doctors did inform us that because she is smaller, and came a little earlier, some things may take her a little longer to do. While so many people may panic because it is not on schedule, the way I see it, take your time baby girl. Life goes by to fast as it is. The milestones can come at your own pace.

We have time. You have time.