The Great Disney Parks Moms Panel 2017 Search.

So it’s done. Submitted and out of my hands.  Once I again I find myself in the Disney Parks Moms Panel waiting room, #DisneyMP  waiting room for short. I admit, even though my reason was an incredible reason to sit out last year, at the same time, it was a little odd. I missed the waiting room, missed being a part of the excitement, I missed my people.

I have often been asked why do I continue to do this, why do I keep trying, after all after 7 years? Maybe they are trying to tell me something. And maybe they have a point. But I don’t see it. I see an incredible opportunity to do something I do so naturally, so often that it has become a part of my life. Because if I can bring the same incredible magic to at least one guest that a Walt Disney World Resort vacation has brought me, then my day is made.

And because I wrote a note to my son on back-to-school night that said. “Reach for the moon, knowing if you fall, you will always land among the stars.” How am I supposed to enforce this if I don’t abide by the rules myself?

Right, but you have made it so close in years past, what is to say this year will be any different.

I don’t. No one does. I also realize that with every year, something changes a little. What they are looking for, who they are looking for. And while those times I came close, it wasn’t me. I could be bitter. I am not. I have loved the panelist that were lucky enough to make it. I cheered them on, I still root for them. Maybe it wasn’t my year, but maybe this year it is.

Again, reaching for the moon…

And what if it isn’t my year once again?

Will I be disappointed? Yes. I think we all feel a little sad when we get those not so magical emails telling us it is not our year. But I will not think of myself any less, and I will not think of the process any less. I have also realized, the destination, while one we all love and dream about, is wonderful, but the journey has taught me so much about friendships, hopes, about never giving up. About finding out who you are, Disney nerd and all. Owning it.

And sometimes, that is worth joining the waiting room in itself.


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