An update…and an apology.

It seems I am slacking in posting these days. Forgive. It has been quite the crazy, busy time lately. I had every intention to write, to update. I sat down, I had things planned out. But then we got the phone call that they wanted to see Harper for an update on her foot, and she needed another weight in.

Still I sat down, I knew what I wanted to say. I was going to write. I would do it that night. I wanted to write about how sitting in the hospital while they put Harper under for an MRI was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. That I held my breath and watched as the hours ticked by. How I just wanted to know everything was going to be OK.

I was going to write about how I feel like a crappy parent because Harper is growing, but she doesn’t weight as much as a normal then ten month old. She is long, and lean. And yet they still tell us to feed her as much as we can, and ask what we are doing, because she should be gaining a lot more than she is. We are trying. She is getting there. But she is a hell of a lot more active than she used to be. Still I do not feel like our efforts are good enough.

I wanted to write about the fact Family Intervention came and did an evaluation on her to see if they recommend her doing therapy to catch up to her nonpreemie babies counterparts. They did. We have our second evaluation, the beginning of Dec. Maybe I will write about that.

And then there was Logan’s orthodontist consult. And Halloween came up, and Logan’s lacrosse camp ended. And teacher/parent conferences, and birthday parties, and hockey games. I wanted to say how I don’t know how my mom did it with three girls, because I have two kids and I for awhile, between the two it was a lot of running back and forth. Thank the lord for my organizer.

And before I knew it, we are in the week before Thanksgiving….

This is no excuse. But bare with me. I will write. I have things to say. Trust me.