Welcome! I started blogging about 15 years ago as a way to journal my life, as life and social media has evolved I now write to share my experiences of life, family, the occasional poetry piece and our many vacations to Walt Disney World.



The Author..

A Washington D.C area native I am one of the few that has called the area my home my entire life. I hate the commute in to the city for work, but stay for the changing seasons, though admit to dreaming of warmer weather and sun in the winter.

Born with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy to the right side, I consider it only a minor inconvenience of which I have never let it stop me from doing and trying anything, and am always willing to share my experiences raising kid(s) with the limited use of my right hand.

My Disney love started young but it wasn’t until I was older that I learned how much Disney World meant to me. Thankfully I convinced the husband to visit on our honeymoon, since then it has been no looking back as we enjoy sharing year after year of memories with friends and family. I enjoy every part of the vacation, from planning to actually going to helping others do the same even while we are there! Yes we are one of those crazy Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Members that you see. It remains one of the best decisions we have ever made.

I am a huge hockey fan, more specifically of the Washington Caps and am known around the office as the Hockey loving Disney Princess who can be seen at more than her fair share of hockey games during the season.

An avid reader and wannabe writer means I never leave the house without a pen, pad of paper and a good book to take with me.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart.

Helen Keller



Are you looking at me?

If you had told me I would have been one of those crazy people to have met their husband on a dating website back in 2002, I would have denied it. But after giving it a chance one spring evening I was doomed, we married in 2006 and the rest is history.

Life has brought both ups and downs but we have always found a way to work through them and come out stronger on the other side.

His Disney love started a lot later than most and happened as an adult. Lets just say,all it took was our honeymoon for him to consider himself a born again Disney fan. And now looks forward to planning, scheming and enjoying every moment of our annual trips as much I do and often wonders what took him so long to realize this. I may be known for my conversations and knowledge around Disney World, but when it comes to figures, and pitching DVC, he is your go to guy.

He has passed his love of Star Wars down to our son, and the pair can be seen enjoying any of the movies on any given night.

A Graphic Artist by trade when he is not busy building Lego sets or having great Star Wars discussions he is busy with the NHL season. As the Graphic Designer for Monumental Sports Network, he specializes on the Washington Capitals side of things.While he absolutely loves his job he acknowledges his mood swings vary depending on the season at hand, a term I have affectionately named hockey PMS.

“That’s no moon, it’s a spacestation”

Obi Wan Kenobi


Our young Jedi, Logan.

Our young Jedi, Logan 

My loving and empathetic and total look alike son. A first grader who dreams of nothing more than growing up to being either a Jedi or the next big hockey player. On any given night you can find him watching Star Wars, though has yet to figure out just which episode is exactly his favorite. (It changes depending on the day).

Growing up with Disney Vacations means he has become just as much of an expert as his parents and considers it his home away from home. He has inherited my love of the place and all things Disney, though not surprising his favorite things to do around the World include anything to do with Star Wars and is counting down to the new Star Wars Land arriving in Hollywood Studios.

A true Caps fan he has already learned the heartache that comes with the ups and downs of a hockey season in the DC area, but continues to dream and root for them regardless believing each year is our year! His hockey best friend has always been Ovi…

Besides hockey and Star Wars, he Is not ashamed to show emotions and has already started melting hearts wherever he goes. Smart and caring, he has an uncanny ability to listen to what is going on  and hates to hurt your feelings. While he is not a football fan, he is well on his way to earning a black belt. A total mommy’s boy he would rather be reading a book or building a Lego set than anything else!


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